About the Book


Ever looked back on a part of your life and wonder, "did that really happen?" That is exactly the question I kept asking myself when I was writing this book!

 When I was 50 years old I was just a driving instructor from a down to earth working class family with a Wife and two children. I was an ordinary man from Manchester who was brought up on a Cheshire Council estate and liked football, latin and ballroom dancing, playing guitar and a good laugh! I still am an ordinary man but one with a very clear idea of what life is all about and it is not perhaps what you might think it is.

 My life changed dramatically and within two years I had the most intense training from the Spirit world that gave me insights into life on the other side, the 2012 Cosmic Moment, the meaning of true unconditional love and how we have lost our connection with spirit and continually defy our intuition in favour of material gain and perceived wealth.

 Yet it is our intuition that guides us to make the correct important decisions in our lives.

 As a Driving Instructor I had a way of teaching that was slightly different from the usual driving instructor techniques in that I would encourage the pupil to think and make their own decisions. I am not alone in this but many people see my role as one of telling people what to do and how to do it. I always insisted that my role was to make people think and, as I progressed along my “boot camp” Spiritual training, I realized that what I was actually teaching was an intuitive way of working out problems on the road. I used examples of situations far removed from driving to make people think about how these skills could be used in everyday life and, as a result, most of my pupils passed their driving test at the first attempt.

 I was giving my pupils more than just driving lessons - they were being taught about intuition and how valuable it is. What I was receiving was the insight into intuition in the physical world that would be explained to me in spectacular style when I got the call from the Spirit World.

 The book is divided into chapters that explain how I was contacted by the Spirit World and trained in a very short time to recognise and use various psychic skills, how spirit used the people I was teaching to train me in the skills I needed to develop, and how I began to realise that learning to drive is very similar to the spiritual path each one of us walks every day. Anecdotal evidence is used, as well as my conclusions about what I had learnt and understood.

 The book can be received on many levels. It can be seen as a book about driving instruction, spiritual awakening, inspirational, philosophical, or just an amusing story of one man's awakening.

 However you decide to approach this book you will find it written in an ordinary way because, after all, I am an ordinary man!